Wednesday 25 July 2012

Diane Webster

Paged Stat

The patient is the out-of-order
soda machine in the hospital’s lobby.
An administrator-type lady leads
a scrub nurse look alike
and with scalpel precision
she inserts the key and lays open
the chest revealing the inner workings
and finds a punctured pop can leaking
its sticky residue throughout
the once-finely-working machine.
With forceps fingers scrub nurse carefully
almost repulsively removes
the malignant can and stuffs paper towels
into cracks sopping the escaped fluid
stopping any further damage
until the vendor specialist is paged
stat to the hospital lobby.

Diane Webster tries to remain open to poetry ideas in everday life and then attempt to write with slant or an interesting point of view.  Her work has appeared in Illya's Honey, The Rainbow Rose, The Old Red Kimono and other literary magazines.