Tuesday 31 July 2012

Arun Budhathoki

Dark Ages

The flushed sky reserves miniature eyes
Enwrapped in bluish blanket
For the darkening city,
I’ll pluck all and paste it on my forehead.

The blind city wonders at my brightness
Fireflies and moths suck radiant tits
Visiting every home to pass the awesome light,
I’m losing my foresight.

I’ve been growing a child in my belly
The world is round and so is my navel
Circling adults who walk without sights,
The child of mine is rage.

The flushed sky protects winking eyes
Dotted tactfully over the mind’s ignorance
Silencing the soured iron-clad tongue,
I live open-mouthed.

I’ve engulfed scores of stars and burst into millions of filaments
Stitching you with my belly,
Eat me now. 

Arun Budhathoki, alias Daniel Song, is a Nepalese poet / writer / founding editor of The Applicant, a Kathmandu-based literary journal.