Wednesday 11 July 2012

Ashley Fisher

Kinsky Square

We eat bramboračka
in a Kinsky Square restaurant,
before walking across where
Černý's pink tank
once raised a glass-fibre finger
to the invaders of 'sixty-eight
upon their own five-metre plinth.

They have moved Tank 23
"Josef Stalin" out of Prague
 to the museum in Lešany,
where, safe from the gaze
of the public and the
post-velvet questions,
it need not be displayed.

Tonight I will meet you on
the left bank of the Vltava,
wearing my heavy coat
and clutching an edition
of Fráňa Šrámek's poetry
which I cannot read
but think a suitable gift.

Ashley Fisher was born in South Cumbria and currently lives in Hull, East Yorkshire, where he runs the monthly Fresh Ink Open Mic poetry night and co-edits the poetry magazine Turbulence. His website can be found at